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            Vegetable entersoluble capsule

            ★ Dual merits for offering new approaches
            ★ Plant enteric gelatin hollow capsule provides new approaches for the special drug (easily react curing with protein substances)
            ★ It also avoids the risk as a result of taking animal protein substances (hormone or drug residue and accumulation).
            ★ The way of filling is the same with the traditional vacant gelatin capsule, so it is not necessary to change and add equipment.

            Vegetable entersoluble capsule, a fully-new capsule, has dual advantages of vegetable capsule and entersoluble vacant capsule, which avoids the risk of taking animal protein substances and guarantee the security. It provides new approaches for the special drug (easily react curing with protein substances).

            The appearance of Vegetable entersoluble capsule expands the areas of application of capsule and brings more convenient, quick, effective solution for people to take special drugs. Besides, it also makes it possible for drug enterprises to produce quick, abundant and low cost special enteric gelatin drug.

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